The office is a home away from home. Just like at home, safety and aesthetics are paramount. The right emergency lighting can help.
Application in offices
LEDs In New Construction
New construction often calls for new technology such as LED lighting. 
Applications with new construction
Nowhere is safety more important. Make sure you specify and install only the best.
School Applications
The path of egress may extend beyond the exit door.
Applications in outdoor egress
Outdoor Egress


Save by eliminating your dependence on night-light circuitry for emergency lighting.
Green-compatible emergency lighting solutions are available from Philips Emergency Lighting.
Cold temperatures and harsh conditions are no match for our Cold-Pak products.
Low-profile fixtures require an emergency ballast created with their slim dimensions in mind.

Even in less than ideal environments, we can help you meet emergency lighting codes.
Ladders and extension devices? Who needs them? Fortunately, there is a better way.
If your project includes replacing Edison-base CFLs with LED lamps, we’ve got the solution.
Emergency illumination is vital in healthcare facilities. Here there is no room for chance.


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