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New lighting technologies necessitate me re-thinking emergency lighting

New construction is an ideal setting for new technologies, such as LED lighting. The popularity of LED lighting increases every year, and LED fixtures are no longer relegated to mere accent pieces. Unfortunately, standard emergency lighting equipment is not designed work with LED fixtures. To ensure that the LED fixtures in your project can serve as code-compliant emergency lighting, turn to Philips Emergency Lighting, a company that’s been around since 1962. Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers and inverter systems are the solution for LED lighting in new construction applications.

Emergency LED Drivers

LEDs are transforming the lighting industry. Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers allow LED fixtures to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting.

Emergency LED Drivers


The Philips Bodine ELI™ Series Emergency Lighting Inverters provide power to fluorescent, incandescent and LED emergency lighting fixtures.


New Emergency Lighting Standard

The BSL310 is the new standard in emergency lighting for new LED & LED retrofitting projects.

View the BSL310



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