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Because emergency lighting is so important, I design lighting schemes with only the best products available

Emergency lighting is a vital part of any life safety program, and nowhere is safety more important than in a school setting. When normal power fails, emergency lighting is there to illuminate the path of egress and break up the darkness.


The Philips Bodine ELI™ Series Emergency Lighting Inverters provide emergency power to fluorescent, incandescent and LED lighting fixtures.



REDiTEST® self-testing/self-diagnostic fluorescent emergency ballasts automatically test emergency lighting for 30 seconds every 30 days and for 90 minutes once a year, according to code.



CheckMate easily installs on existing exit signs and wall packs, permitting users to test emergency operation without climbing on ladders or using extension devices.


Extended Runtimes

While 90 minutes is the standard code-required duration for emergency lighting operation, there are cases in which a greater runtime is required or desired.

Extended Runtime

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