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Sales Managers

The Sales Managers direct Philips Emergency Lighting’s sales operations and educate our national sales reps and customers throughout the United States and Canada about our products and services.
THE Rob Sumner

Rob Sumner

National Sales Manager &
Regional Sales Manager - Western Division
800-223-5728    Ext. 1690

Cliff Wentworth

Cliff Wentworth

Regional Sales Manager - Central Division
800-223-5728    Ext.6828

Porter Wafler

Porter Wafler

Regional Sales Manager - Eastern Division
800-223-5728    Ext. 1648


Technical Support

Customers with special application questions, requests for additional wiring diagrams or RGA's and other technical concerns should contact Joe for information.

Joe Rouse

Joe Rouse - Technical Support Engineer


Sales Team

The Sales Team is your Customer Service contact as well as the general contact for our Manufacturer's Representatives.

John Levesque

John Levesque - General Manager
A valued member of the Philips Emergency Lighting team for over 20 years, John has extensive expertise in the product management, engineering, manufacturing and commercial aspects of the emergency lighting business and currently serves as the company’s General Manager.
800-223-5728    Ext. 1647

Lorrie Gillespie

Lorrie Gillespie - Inside Sales & Customer Service Supervisor
Reps should contact Lorrie regarding products, sales, pricing and commissions.
800-223-5728    Ext. 1649

Catrish Jones

Catrish Jones - REP Specialist - East / Rep Consigned Stock Contact
Reps for the eastern division of the United States should contact Catrish regarding products, pricing, commissions and requests for additional sales tools and literature. In addition, Catrish is the rep contact for all consigned stock questions and requests.
800-223-5728    Ext. 6836

Quianna Duckett

Quiana Duckett - REP Specialist - West / Rep Specification Commission Contact
Reps for the western division of the United States should contact Quiana regarding products, pricing, commissions and requests for additional sales tools and literature. In addition, Quiana is the rep contact for all spec commission questions and requests.
800-223-5728    Ext. 1657

Angela Brown

Angela Brown - RMA / Customer Service Representative
Those seeking assistance with non-technical related issues and RMAs should contact Angela.
800-223-5728    Ext. 1681



Product Management

Our Product Managment Team is responsible for developing positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, and enabling the Sales and Marketing teams to ensure they are aligned and work efficiently to generate and product opportunities for our customers.

Brian Beck

Brian Beck - Product Manager
800-223-5728    Ext. 6832

Nathan Bell

Nathan Bell -  Product Manager
800-223-5728    Ext. 1675

Brian Beck

Melody Ramsey -  Product Marketeer
800-223-5728    Ext. 1643



Communication & Promotion

The MarCom Team delivers the latest Emergency Lighting information to you, our customers by using print, digital communication as well as the website.

Mike Singleton

Mike Singleton - Communication Specialist
The Philips Emergency Lighting website is your source to find the most current product information available.

To report a web error, answer any website related questions, offer suggestions or lavish the communications team with praise, follow the link below:

Contact Mike


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