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Introducing the BAC40EM10 ultimate combo driver

May 2017

Introducing the ultimate BAC40EM10 LED driver
Our ultimate driver combines the AC & Emergency drivers in one simple case


We unveiled our new combined AC / Emergency LED driver to win the 2017 Innovation Award for ballast, transformers & LED drivers!

Introducing a new equation for LED drivers. Simplify the design process with the Philips Bodine AC and emergency combination driver for LED fixtures. Delivered in one compact case, driver compatibility in your fixture is guaranteed.


The BAC40EM10 is a combination 40W dimming LED driver and a 10W emergency LED driver in one low-profile case. The BAC40EM10 is supplied with a separate high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery, with one simple connection point. The BAC40EM10 can deliver up to 10 watts to an LED load (measured at nominal battery voltage) for 90 minutes in the emergency mode.

The BAC40EM10 is suitable for indoor and damp locations. The BAC40EM10 is universal input (120-277 V) and dims to 1%. The AC operation of the BAC40EM10 is easily programmed with Philips SimpleSet technology.

The BAC40EM10 will be available in June 2017.

BAC40EM10 combination LED driver

• Emergency LED driver in one compact, low-profile case
• AC and EM driver compatibility is confirmed
• Fewer wires to simplify installation
• 40W AC Driver with 10W emergency output



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