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B30 & B30ST get an upgrade in 2015

Updated January 2017

Introducing the ELI-S-400 & the ELI-S-600
New high-power inverters allow even more emergency lighting options


The Philips Bodine ELI-S-400 and ELI-S-600 emergency lighting inverters bring even more options to emergency lighting applications. The ELI-S-400 supports up to 400VA, while the ELI-S-600 supports up to 600VA.

Both emergency lighting inverters are battery-powered units that support LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting for 90 minutes during loss of normal AC power. The inverters immediately sense the loss and begin supplying power to the designated lighting load. Transfer time from utility to inverter is less than one millisecond.


Like all other Philips Bodine emergency lighting inverters, the new ELI inverters produce LED-friendly sinusoidal output. Sinusoidal (sine wave) output is characterized by low harmonic distortion and by clean power similar to that produced by utility-supplied electricity, conditions that are ideal for LED applications.

The ELI inverters are ETL Listed for field installation. They should be installed in indoor, dry locations up to 1000 feet from the fixtures they serve. The versatile ELI-S-400 and ELI-S-600 are compatible with indoor and outdoor lighting applications.  Additionally, they can be placed outside of critical spaces, such as hazardous locations, extreme environments or aesthetically sensitive areas, while providing emergency lighting support to fixtures within those critical spaces.

They will support lumen output at 91% of the lamp rating throughout the 90-minute runtime.

  ELI-S-400   ELI-S-600
Max Load power 400 VA   600 W
Runtime 90 mins   90 mins
Input Dual Voltage: 120V or 277V   120V
Dimensions 18”W x 8”D x 15”H   22” W x 8” D x 23” H
Warranty 1 year full, 4 years pro-rata   Unit: 3 years full
Battery: 1 year full, 4 years pro-rata
Special Features Sinewave output;
Fast transfer (1 ms)
  Sinewave output; Fast transfer (1 ms)
View the ELI-S-400

January 2017 Update:

The ELI-S-400 is now ETL Listed for field-installation and a new can size is listed above.
Due to demand, the ELI-S-600 is no longer available.



ELI-S-400 spec Sheet
Currently unavailable

For more information, please contact us at 800.223.5728.

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