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Introducing the BDFS36 Emergency Strobe

May 2016

Introducing the BDFS36 Emergency Strobe
Automated visual egress notification system to aid in fire related emergencies


Philips Emergency Lighting announces the new BDFS36 emergency strobe for marking exit doors with illuminated light strands. The BDFS36 emergency strobe is integrated into fire/security systems and, upon activation of the system, will respond by flashing/strobing a highly visible light via illuminated strands that outline the frame of a doorway. The device’s flashing light is designed to be visible from any angle and below the smoke layer to guide building occupants and rescue responders to the nearest exit door.

The BDFS Emergency Strobe easily marks exit doors.

The BDFS36The BDFS Emergency Strobe helps buildings exceed the NFPA® 72 National Fire Code requirements by creating a visual notification system for both occupants AND rescue responders.

Upon activation of the fire/security system, the BDFS36 responds in sync by pulsing illumination around door frames (or other areas where installed) during the entire duration of the fire/security system.

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