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ARC Keeper® named EC&M's Product of the Month

The ARC Keeper® Named EC&M's Product of the MonthBodine's ARC Keeper® HID Backup Ballast is making quite an impression in the marketplace. And we're not the only ones who think so. The ARC Keeper 400-Watt was selected as EC&M's April Product of the Month.
If you receive EC&M, the Product of the Month article can be found on page 12. If you do not have access to EC&M, you can find the article here.
The ARC Keeper offers arc-saving technology for HID metal halide systems. Metal halides are extremely sensitive to even minor line disturbances. A disturbance of four milliseconds or longer can cause problems for the lamp. The ARC Keeper detects theses line disturbances and then assumes control of the lamp arc all within approximately two milliseconds, preventing arc extinction and the need for restrike. The ARC Keeper supplies power to the lamp, thereby supporting the arc, for up to two minutes or until normal or backup power is in place, whichever comes first.