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Arctic™ 175 Named Lightfair’s Most Innovative Product of the Year

Bodine's ARC Keeper® Arctic™ 175 HID Backup Ballast was named the Most Innovative Product of the Year at the 18th annual Lightfair International Trade Show and Conference. The award is the highest presented by the judges in recognition of the Best New Product.

The newest member of the ARC Keeper® family is designed for cold conditions. It operates at ambient temperatures ranging from-40° C to +55° C, compared to 0° C to +55° C for standard ARC Keeper models.

Like standard ARC Keeper models, the Arctic 175 reduces downtime and restrike in metal halide lighting systems by reducing instances of arc extinction. The Arctic 175 catches and maintains the arc of one 100-175 W metal halide pulse-start lamp, preventing lamp arc extinction during the power line disruptions to which HIDs are so vulnerable. The Arctic 175 is able to sense the power disruption and drive the HID lamp for up to 2 minutes. Two minutes is generally enough time for a disturbance to pass or for an auxiliary generator to begin supplying the lamp.

The Arctic 175 is suitable for indoor and damp locations. The 175 model will be joined by the Arctic 400. The Arctic 400 will be compatible with one 200-400 W pulse-start lamp.

UL Status for the Arctic 175 and 400: Pending

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