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B30 & B30ST get an upgrade in 2015

October 2015

B30 and B30ST get an upgrade
Our high-lumen products can now be used in a wider range of applications


Philips Emergency Lighting is pleased to announce that our high-lumen B30 and self-testing B30ST Emergency Ballasts now offer more application options to the market. The upgraded emergency ballasts are universal input units that provide AC and DC output.

The B30 and B30ST operate 17-250W flourescent lamps, including compacts and long compacts, as well as 14-54W T5 and T5HO lamps.

In addition, the upgraded B30 and B30ST are compatible with Philips InstantFit LED T8 retrofit lamps and LED retrofit lamps from other manufacturers. Please contact the Philips Bodine sales team at 800.223.5728 for important compatibility information.

      Power Output Input Voltage Lamps Operated Dimensions
    AC and DC Universal input 120-277V Fluorescent,
    LED retrofit

    16.6” L  x 2.8” W x 2.85” H
    (422mm x 71mm x 73mm);
    2’ (610mm) flexible conduit
    Old models DC Dual input 120/277V Fluorescent 16.3” L  x 5.5” W  x 1.7” H
    (414mm x 138mm x 44mm);
    2’ (610mm) flexible conduit

While the upgraded units offer great new features, other features remain the same. For example, the B30 and B30ST still run one or two fluorescent lamps in emergency mode for 90 minutes and supply up to 3500 lumens initial emergency lighting output. They are also still backed by a five-year warranty from Philips Emergency Lighting.

 Product Highlights
Provide high lumen output of up to 3500 lm (initial)
Support the lamp load for a minimum of 90 minutes, in accordance with code*
Provide AC output for one T5 or T8; DC output for one or two T8s
Designed for universal input (120-277V)
Compatible with most 17-215 W (2’ - 8’) T5 - T12 fluorescent linear lamps
Compatible with Philips InstantFit LED T8 retrofit lamps and others. (Consult Philips Bodine sales team for compatibility information.)
Compatible with end-of-lamp-life circuitry
UL Listed for U.S. and Canada
Five-year warranty. See warranty details on the product specification sheets.
B30ST automatically tests emergency operation for 30 seconds every 30 days and for 90 minutes annually

*NFPA® Life Safety Code ® (2012)

For more information, please contact us at 800.223.5728.

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