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The popular B50 gets an upgrade
Our 2012 is going to be full of exciting new product developments. First and foremost, we are happy to announce the upgrade of our very popular B50 fluorescent emergency ballast.

The B50 Gets an UpgradeAs part of our ongoing dedication to continuous product improvement, efficiency and customer service, the upgraded B50 will be suitable for damp locations and universal input applications. It replaces the B50U and the BDL500, which will be made obsolete in 2012. We will keep you posted as this develops.

As we are transitioning, you may receive the new B50 when you order B50U or BDL500. If you receive a B50 instead of the B50U or BDL500 and are concerned, look at the product label. You will notice beneath the UL mark, the statement "Replaces models B50U & BDL500." If you look toward the bottom of the label, just above the Ni-Cd information, you will notice that the label says "Universal Input, 120-277 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 55mA, 5.0W." At the center of the label you will see "Suitable for damp locations where the ambient temperature is 0° C minimum, +50° C maximum." These label changes tell you that you have the new universal input, damp rated model. In addition to the label, you will begin to see confirmations, packing
slips and literature that state "B50 (Replaces B50U and BDL500)."

Please note that we do have some stock remaining in the B50U, BDL500 and B50. We will ship these units until supplies are depleted. During this phase-in/phaseout process, we will do everything we can to create a transparent transition.

The B50 upgrade is customer-centric and designed to make your life as simple as possible. You no longer have worry with multiple SKUs. The upgraded unit is the standard B50, the B50U and the BDL500 successfully rolled into one superior product. In addition, because the new B50 is a universal input model, it, like other universal models, will have one lead, not two for 120V and 277V. The opportunity for wiring errors based on the two-lead system is eliminated. And the B50 model is stocked at all of our warehousing distribution centers. Let's review the benefits of the upgraded product: fewer SKUs, fewer wiring concerns, an all-inone
product and stocked near you.

If you have any questions about new B50 or the product transition, we encourage you to contact your local Philips Bodine sales representative or the Tech Support team at Philips Emergency Lighting. Tech Support may be reached by calling 888-263-4638 or e-mailing




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