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BSL20s for High Output LED
BSL20LV, MV and HV enable LED fixtures to supply emergency illumination critical to life safety.

BSL20s For High Output LED ApplicationsPhilips Emergency Lighting is pleased to introduce your emergency lighting solution for high output LED applications. The Philips Bodine BSL20LV, BSL20MV and BSL20HV Emergency LED Drivers convert high output LED fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting sources. The drivers provide 20W of constant output power, a nominal 2000 lumens and a 90-minute runtime.

Philips Bodine BSL20LV, MV and HV units are ideal for use in settings such as big box retail facilities, warehouses, factories and gymnasiums. They are a superior choice for high bay installations. To make testing easier for difficult-to-reach fixtures, the two-wire test switch that accompanies the BSL20 models may be remotely mounted up to 50 feet.

The models are named to reflect output voltage. BSL20LV (low voltage) offers 20-50V; BSL20MV (medium voltage), 50-130V; and BSL20HV (high voltage), 125-200V. The BSL20LV is output class 2 compliant.

Product Highlights

  • Ideal for high output applications, including high bay installations
  • Compatible with LED linear strips and LED light engines from a variety of manufacturers
  • 20W constant power output (measured at nominal battery voltage)
  • BSL20LV: 20V-50V, 1A-.40A; BSL20MV: 50V-130V, .40A-.15A; BSL20HV: 125V-200V, .16A-.10A
  • Universal input operation (120-277 VAC, 50/60 HZ)
  • 2000 lumens (nominal)
  • 90-minute runtime
  • 2-wire illuminated test switch; may be remotely mounted up to 50 feet
  • Does not affect normal fixture operation
  • Suitable for indoor and damp locations
  • Dimensions: 16.6” x 2.8” x 2.85”, 2’ flexible conduit
  • Five-year warranty
  • UL Component Recognized for factory installation only
  • BSL20MV and HV are additionally UL Component recognized for Canada.
    Model BSL20LV-cUL is also available for Canada.


Brochures Spec Sheets Instructions Sheets

Download PDF BSL20 Leaflet
Download PDF BSL20
Download PDF BSL20LV

  Download PDF BSL20-cUL Download PDF BSL20MV

    Download PDF BSL20HV

    Download PDF BSL20-cUL
For an overview of the BSL20, view the BSL20 video on YouTube.

To learn more about this product family, please contact the Philips Bodine Sales Team at 800.223.5728.


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