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BSL310 emergency LED driver now available for field installation exclusively with Philips EvoKit Retrofit
The BSL310Philips Emergency Lighting is pleased to announce that the Philips Bodine BSL310 Emergency LED Driver is now available for field installation when used exclusively with the Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit.

The Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit kit is an energy efficient solution to switching from linear fluorescent fixtures to LED lighting. Combined with the BSL310 emergency LED driver, it is the ideal LED retrofit for fluorescent troffers where cost, performance, appearance and quick installation are important.

The BSL310 is the only Philips Bodine emergency LED driver that can be field installed. All other emergency LED drivers are UL Component Recognized for factory installation only.

The BSL310, designed for LED strip fixtures, allows users to convert linear LED strip fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting sources. The BSL310 will do for LED emergency lighting what our very popular B50 did for fluorescent emergency lighting: set the standard.


BSL310 Highlights

  • Compatible with LED strips from a variety of manufacturers
  • Output Class 2 Compliant
  • 90-minute runtime
  • 1300 lumens max. emergency lighting output
  • Universal input (120-277V, 50/60 Hz)
  • Operates LED load with a rated stack voltage range of 10-50 VDC
  • Includes lamp selector
  • Selectable output current:
    • Without lamp selector
      • Minimum 300 mA, 30-34 VDC (optimized range)
      • Minimum 200 mA, 35-50 VDC
    • With selector
      • -Minimum 400 mA, 10-29 VDC
  • Total of six BSL310 models are UL Recognized for either U.S. or Canadian installation. U.S. models include: BSL310, polycarbonate case, no conduit; BSL310M, metal case, no conduit; BSL310C, metal case with conduit. Canadian UL Recognized models (120-277V) include: BSL310-CAN, BSL310M-CAN and BSL310C-CAN.
  • For factory installation.
  • Exception: BSL310 is field installable when used with the Philips EvoKit LED Retrofit kit. Other versions of the BSL310, including the BSL310M, BSL310C and BSL310 Canadian models, are NOT suitable for field installation.

For an overview, view the BSL310 video on YouTube.


Brochures Spec Sheets Instructions Sheets

Download PDF BSL310 Brochure
Download PDF BSL310 Spec
Download PDF BSL310 Instruction

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