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Feb. 2015

The ELI-S-250 added to the Inverter line
A new sinewave inverter for a wider range of electronics

Due to the significant increase in demand for field-installed LED emergency solutions coupled with UL
restrictions limiting installation of LED emergency drivers, we have recently obsoleted our ELI-250-SD
emergency lighting inverter (older square wave output technology that was optimized for fluorescent loads)
and transitioned to a more LED friendly version of the inverter.

The new 250W ELI-S-250 is designed and optimized for LED lighting loads by providing a pure sine wave
output, which eliminates potential compatibility issues with LED lighting loads compared to the older square
wave output technology. Please note that the new ELI-S-250 does not offer the self-diagnostic feature like
the original model.

If you have any questions about the ELI-S-250, please contact a member of the Philips Bodine Sales team.

EDIT JUNE 2016: The ELI-S-250 receives a dimming upgrade.


  Spec Sheets Instructions Sheets
  Download PDF ELI-S-250 Spec Sheet (2016 upgrade)
Download PDF ELI-S-250 Instruction Sheet (2016 upgrade)


For more information, please contact us at 800.223.5728.

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