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Fully Listed, Field-Installable Emergency LED Drivers

January 2016

Philips Bodine Emergency LED Drivers approved for field installation.
Fully Listed Field-Installable Emergency LED Drivers Now Available


Philips Emergency Lighting now offers fully listed, field-installable emergency LED drivers. Field-installable models are available for indoor (linear, downlight, high-bay) and outdoor (cold temperature) applications.

Currently, all other EM driver manufacturers offer factory-install only or UL Classified emergency LED drivers. Drivers carrying a Classified status require multiple, time-consuming steps to verify compatibility for field installation. Our Philips Bodine field-installable emergency LED drivers eliminate those steps.

Eliminate the time-consuming DLC compatibility verification process.

While many UL Classified products MAY be field-installable by applying the DesignLights Consortium process, our ETL Listed products CAN be field installed as long they are compatible with load, fixture and application.

Current ETL Listed products
BSL10 Cold-Pak
BSL20 (LV, MV & HV models)
BSL310C (including BSL310C-DF)

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There's a new way to choose Emergency LED Drivers
Selecting the ETL Listed LED EM Driver
In order to assure that you are selecting the proper LED emergency driver, you need to follow these 4 steps:

  1. Ensure the LED load’s rated power is greater than or equal to the power output of the selected emergency LED driver. LED fixture Load (W) > or = EM LED Driver rating (W)
  2. Verify that the forward voltage (Vf or Stack Voltage) of the luminaire’s LED array is within the limits of the selected ETL emergency LED driver.
  3. Ensure the output current of the selected AC LED driver does not exceed maximum carrying current of the selected emergency driver in Amps.
  4. Ensure there will be sufficient light output in the end application.

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LED Field-installable Selection Guide

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+ Download the Emergency LED Field-Istalled Selection Guide


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