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Cold-Pak Models:

Fluorescent Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output Conduit
B50Cold-Pak 2 850 - 1200 No
B4CF1 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 No
B4CF2 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 Yes
B4CF2P & B4CF2PC Cold-Pak 2 Up to 925 Yes
B4CF3 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 No

LED Model Emergency Ouput Power Conduit
BSL10 Cold-Pak Lighting load up to 10 W Yes
BSL36 Cold-Pak Initial 6 W of output power No
BSL4SB 4 W output power (regulated) No
BSL718 Initial 18 W of output power No
BSL8SB 8 W output power (constant) No
BSL722 Cold Lighting load up to 23.1 No

Philips Bodine extended-temperature product lines provide reliable, cold-compliant emergency lighting in extreme environments.

  • Cold-Pak and extended temperature models are ideal for cold storage facilities, exterior stairways, food processing plants, outdoor canopies and parking garages.

  • Extended temperature emergency ballasts and emergency LED drivers withstand temperatures ranging from -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F), though the temperature ranges vary by product.* (Please see individual product specification sheets for temperature ranges.) The units are suitable for use in indoor and damp locations. The B50Cold-Pak, B4CF1, B4CF2P, B4CF3, BSL722 Cold and BSL10 may also be used in sealed & gasketed fixtures.  

  • Areas subject to cold and/or damp conditions are often included in a building's path of egress. In addition, more attention is now being given to exit routes that lead away from a structure and onto a public way (outdoor egress). The Cold-Pak line makes it easy to supply emergency lighting in accordance with code.

  • The B50Cold-Pak fluorescent emergency ballast is compatible with linear lamps, while the B4CF1, B4CF2, B4CF2P, B4CF2PC and B4CF3 Cold-Pak models are compatible with compact lamps and are well suited for bollard, downlight and sconce applications. The BSL722 Cold and BSL10 Cold-Pak emergency LED drivers are designed for extended-temperature applications in LED fixtures.

  • The B4CF3 Cold-Pak’s dimensions – 153 mm x 140 mm x 41 mm (6.0” x 5.5” x 1.62”) – set it apart from the other compact Cold-Pak models. Its uniquely small size allows even diminutive fixtures to act as emergency lighting sources without remote mounting.

*B4CF2P and B4CF2PC operate in a temperature range of -20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F). All other Cold-Pak fluorescent emergency ballasts operate in a range of -20° C to +55° C (-4° F to +131° F). The BSL722 Cold emergency LED driver operates at -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F), while the BSL10 emergency LED driver operates at -0° C to +55° C (-32° F to +131° F).

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Cold-Pak & Extended Temp Products

Fluorescent Fixtures
B4CF1 Cold-Pak
B4CF2 Cold-Pak
B4CF2P & B4CF2PC Cold-Pak
B4CF3 Cold-Pak

LED Fixtures
BSL10 Cold-Pak
BSL36 Cold-Pak
BSL722 Cold

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