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Philips Bodine extended-temperature product lines provide reliable, cold-compliant emergency lighting in extreme environments.

  • The B50Cold-Pak fluorescent emergency ballast is compatible with linear lamps, while the B4CF1, B4CF2, B4CF2P, B4CF2PC and B4CF3 Cold-Pak models are compatible with compact lamps. The BSL722 Cold and BSL10 Cold-Pak emergency LED drivers are designed for extended-temperature applications in LED fixtures, and Arctic ARC Keeper backup ballasts work with HID metal halide fixtures.

  • Cold-Pak fluorescent emergency ballasts and emergency LED drivers withstand temperatures ranging from -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F), though the temperature ranges vary by product.* (Please see individual product specification sheets for temperature ranges.) The units are suitable for use in indoor and damp locations. The B50Cold-Pak, B4CF1, B4CF2P, B4CF3, BSL722 Cold and BSL10 may also be used in sealed & gasketed fixtures.  

  • Cold-Pak models are ideal for cold storage facilities, exterior stairways, food processing plants, outdoor canopies and parking garages. The B4CF1, B4CF2, B4CF2P, B4CF2PC and B4CF3 are well suited for bollard, downlight and sconce applications.

  • The B4CF3 Cold-Pak’s dimensions – 153 mm x 140 mm x 41 mm (6.0” x 5.5” x 1.62”) – set it apart from the other compact Cold-Pak models. Its uniquely small size allows even diminutive fixtures to act as emergency lighting sources without remote mounting.

  • Areas subject to cold and/or damp conditions are often included in a building's path of egress. In addition, more attention is now being given to exit routes that lead away from a structure and onto a public way (outdoor egress). The Cold-Pak line makes it easy to supply emergency lighting in accordance with code.

*B4CF2P and B4CF2PC operate in a temperature range of -20° C to +50° C (-4° F to +122° F). All other Cold-Pak fluorescent emergency ballasts operate in a range of -20° C to +55° C (-4° F to +131° F). The BSL722 Cold emergency LED driver operates at -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F), while the BSL10 emergency LED driver operates at -0° C to +55° C (-32° F to +131° F).

Cold-Pak Models:

Fluorescent Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output Conduit
B50Cold-Pak 2 850 - 1200 No
B4CF1 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 No
B4CF2 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 Yes
B4CF2P & B4CF2PC Cold-Pak 2 Up to 925 Yes
B4CF3 Cold-Pak 1 700 - 1250 No

LED Model Emergency Ouput Power Conduit
BSL10 Cold-Pak Lighting load up to 10 W Yes
BSL722 Cold Lighting load up to 23.1 No

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Cold-Pak Products

Fluorescent Fixtures
B4CF1 Cold-Pak
B4CF2 Cold-Pak
B4CF2P & B4CF2PC Cold-Pak
B4CF3 Cold-Pak

LED Fixtures
BSL10 Cold-Pak
BSL722 Cold

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Cold-Pak Brochure

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