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Philips Bodine compact fluorescent emergency ballasts (FEBs) are designed specifically for compact lamp fluorescent fixtures. They allow you to easily covert new or existing fluorescent fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting.

The emergency ballasts operate most and 4-pin compact lamps, including twin-tube, double twin-tube (quad), triple twin-tube, long compact and 2D lamps, and they are compatible with electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts, as well as with energy management systems such as occupancy detectors and photo sensors. Philips Bodine compact FEBs are UL Listed for factory or field installation and provide at least 90 minutes of code-required emergency lighting.

Product Details:

Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output
B84CG 1 325 - 1000
B94CGU 1 300 - 750
B94GU 1 300 - 750
B4CF2P & B4CF2PC 2 Up to 925
B4CFG 1 Up to 1250
CF94GU 1 300 - 700

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Compact Products


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