Cree Compatible Emergency Drivers

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For Emergency Drivers:

Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers transform Cree LMH powered LED fixtures into emergency lighting.

Model Emergency Ouput Power Ideal Usage
BSL17C-C2P 7.0 W max Class 2, LED downlight applications
BSL310CP 10 W max Class 2, LED strip fixtures or downlights

Product Details:

BSL17C-C2PThe Philips Bodine BSL17C-C2P Emergency LED Driver supports an emergency lighting load up to 7 W at a rated current of 270 mA maximum for a minimum of 90 minutes. The class 2 emergency LED driver is ideal for LED downlight applications. It is compatible with the CREE LMH Modules.

BSL310CPThe Philips Bodine BSL310 Emergency LED Driver supports an emergency lighting load up to 10 W and is designed to provide code-compliant emergency lighting for linear LED strip fixtures or downlights where higher lumens are desired. The BSL310CP is compatible with the CREE LMH Modules.

LED Loads:

LMH Series Lumen Color Temperature Cree Manufacturer Part No.
LMHO20 850 27G9 LMHO20-0850-27G9
LMHO20 850 40G9 LMHO20-0850-40G9
LMHO20 1250 27G9 LMHO20-1250-27G9
LMHO20 1250 30G9 LMHO20-1250-30G9
LMHO20 1250 40G9 LMHO20-1250-40G9
LMHO20 2000 27G9 LMHO20-2000-27G9
LMHO20 2000 35G9 LMHO20-2000-35G9
LMHO20 2000 40G9 LMHO20-2000-40G9
LMHO20 3000 27G9 LMHO20-3000-27G9
LMHO20 3000 30G9 LMHO20-3000-30G9
LMHO20 3000 40G9 LMHO20-3000-40G9
LMHO20 4000 40G9 LMHO20-4000-40G9
LMHO20 4000 35G9 LMHO20-4000-35G9
LMHO20 4000 30G9 LMHO20-4000-30G9
LMHO20 4000 27G9 LMHO20-4000-27G9


For LED Screw-in Bulbs:

Cree LED screw-in bulbELI-S-20
ELI-S-20The ELI-S-20 Emergency Lighting Inverter is the solution for screw-in LED lamps with integrated (internal) AC drivers, although it may also be used with external AC drivers.  The ELI-S-20 provides a maximum output of 25W in emergency mode for a minimum of 90 minutes. It is UL Listed (25W) and CSA Certified (20W).

Model Max Wattage Ideal Usage
ELI-S-20 25 W For LED & fluorescent lamps

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Philips Bodine 50 Year Anniversary
Emergency LED Driver Brochure

Emergency LED Driver Brochure

Philips Emergency Lighting offers emergency drivers for LED lighting applications. These drivers permit LED fixtures to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting units.

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