Cree Compatible Emergency Drivers

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For Emergency Drivers:

Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers transform Cree LMH powered LED fixtures into emergency lighting.

Model Emergency Ouput Power Ideal Usage
BSL17C-C2 7.0 W max Class 2, LED downlight applications
BSL310CP 10 W max Class 2, LED strip fixtures or downlights

Product Details:

BSL17C-C2The Philips Bodine BSL17C-C2 Emergency LED Driver supports a lighting load up to 7 W at a rated current of 270 mA maximum for a minimum of 90 minutes. The class 2 emergency LED driver is ideal for LED downlight applications.

BSL310CPThe Philips Bodine BSL310 Emergency LED Driver supports an emergency lighting load up to 10 W and is designed to provide code-compliant emergency lighting for linear LED strip fixtures or downlights where higher lumens are desired. The BSL310CP is compatible with the CREE LMH Modules.

LED Loads:

LMH Series Lumen Color Temperature Cree Manufacturer Part No.
LMHO20 850 27G9 LMHO20-0850-27G9
LMHO20 850 27G9 LMH020-0850-27G9-00000-SS
LMHO20 850 40G9 LMHO20-0850-40G9
LMHO20 1250 27G9 LMHO20-1250-27G9
LMHO20 1250 27G9 LMH020-1250-27G9-00000-SS
LMHO20 1250 30G9 LMHO20-1250-30G9
LMHO20 1250 40G9 LMHO20-1250-40G9
LMHO20 2000 27G9 LMHO20-2000-27G9
LMHO20 2000 27G9 LMH020-2000-27G9-00000-SS
LMHO20 2000 35G9 LMHO20-2000-35G9
LMHO20 2000 40G9 LMHO20-2000-40G9
LMHO20 3000 27G9 LMHO20-3000-27G9
LMHO20 3000 27G9 LMH020-3000-27G9-00000-SS
LMHO20 3000 30G9 LMHO20-3000-30G9
LMHO20 3000 40G9 LMHO20-3000-40G9
LMHO20 4000 40G9 LMHO20-4000-40G9
LMHO20 4000 35G9 LMHO20-4000-35G9
LMHO20 4000 30G9 LMHO20-4000-30G9
LMHO20 4000 27G9 LMHO20-4000-27G9


For LED Screw-in Bulbs:

Cree LED screw-in bulbELI-S-20
ELI-S-20The ELI-S-20 Emergency Lighting Inverter is the solution for screw-in LED lamps with integrated (internal) AC drivers, although it may also be used with external AC drivers.  The ELI-S-20 provides a maximum output of 25W in emergency mode for a minimum of 90 minutes. It is UL Listed (25W) and CSA Certified (20W).

Model Max Wattage Ideal Usage
ELI-S-20 25 W For LED & fluorescent lamps

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