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Generators are often employed to back up the normal power supply for important systems, such as lighting. Philips Emergency Lighting offers distinct products created to work with generators: GTD Generator Transfer Device, BLCD-20B Emergency Lighting Control Unit and GEN Series Fluorescent Backup Ballasts for interim illumination.

Transfer Units & Control Devices
The GTD and BLCD-20B work in conjunction with a generator or central inverter system to supply emergency lighting regardless of local light switch position. This means emergency lighting is no longer dependent on expensive night lighting. In fact, you can switch off normal lighting at the end of the day or whenever it’s not needed without jeopardizing emergency lighting operation. These energy-saving devices sense the loss of normal power and, in response, switch the lighting load to a generator- or inverter-fed circuit.

Product Details:

Transfer Units & Control Devices
Model Function Lighting Load
GTD Transfer Device 3A max for fluorescent and LED


Control or Bypass Device

20A max for fluorescent and LED;
10A max for incandescent

GTD20A Transfer or Bypass Device 20A max for fluorescent,
incandescent, HID and LED

The GTD operates as a transfer device and functions by transferring both the hot and the neutral. It is designed for areas in which only one fixture may be needed for egress lighting, such as a stairwell or classroom, or in areas where multiple switches are in use. The GTD supports a lighting load up to 3A.

The BLCD-20B operates as a control or bypass device. The small (1.7” x 2.97” x 1.64”), easy-to-install unit mounts directly onto a junction box and supports a lighting load up to 20A. The BLCD-20B features auto-select to automatically select the correct voltage (120/277V) and offers a remote testing capability that permits it to interface with fire alarms and security panels.

The GTD20A
The GTD20A Relay Control Device, like the GTD and BLCD-20B, works with a generator or central inverter system to supply power to designated loads. It functions as a transfer or bypass device and may be installed in areas where a number of fixtures are used and are controlled with a single switch. The device senses the loss of normal power service to the fixtures and immediately switches the load to designated alternate circuit. The GTD20A allows multiple application and wiring options, including wiring schemes for both line and low voltage dimming. It features universal input and supports a maximum lighting load of 20A.
The GTD20A is classified under Optional Standby Systems (NEC Article 702).

Backup Ballasts for Interim Illumination
Generators can take up to 10 seconds to power emergency lighting. Should the generator fail to bring up emergency lighting, GEN Series Fluorescent Backup Ballasts provide at least two minutes of illumination. The backup ballasts are designed for applications in which uninterrupted, high illumination is needed.

Product Details:

Gen Series
Model Type of Lamps Illumination time Lumen Output
GEN1 One 17-32 W T8; one 20-40 W T10 or T12; or one 18-55 W (4-pin) compact Up to 5 minutes 1050-3200
GEN3 Two or three 32 W (4’) T8s or two 40-55 W (4-pin) long compacts Up to 2 minutes 4700-7900

GEN Series
GEN Series backup ballasts – GEN 1 and GEN3 – supply lighting in the interim period between AC power loss and generator startup. They are ideal for critical sites such as operating rooms, cash exchange locations and sensitive manufacturing areas. GEN1 supports up to five minutes of illumination, while GEN3 delivers up to two minutes of illumination. Please note that GEN3 is for use with instant start parallel AC ballasts only.

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GTD Family Brochure

GTD Family Brochure

The GTD Series provides reliable, code-compliant emergency lighting
only when you need it, exactly when you need it.

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