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Locations such as oil refineries, paint booths and textile mills are associated with potential fire and explosion hazards, including combustible gases, liquids, dust and fibers. Philips Bodine emergency ballasts for hazardous (classified) location fixtures contain hermetically sealed relays to eliminate the “arcs and sparks” of ignition sources. These emergency ballasts are UL Component Recognized for factory installation only and are suitable for use in Class I, Division 2 type fixtures.

Class I, Division 2 Hazardous Locations as defined by the National Electrical Code - Ref. NEC© 2002; 500.5(B)(2)

A Class I, Division 2 location is a location:

  1. In which volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases are handled, processed, or used, but in which the liquids, vapors, or gases will normally be confined within closed containers or closed systems from which they can escape only in case of accidental rupture or breakdown of such containers or systems or in case of abnormal operation of equipment, or
  2. In which ignitable concentrations of gases or vapors are normally prevented by positive mechanical ventilation, and which might become hazardous through failure or abnormal operation of the ventilating equipment, or
  3. That is adjacent to a Class I, Division 1 location, and to which ignitable concentrations of gases or vapors might occasionally be communicated unless such communication is prevented by adequate positive-pressure ventilation from a source of clean air and effective safeguards against ventilation failure are provided.

Product Details:

Fluorescent Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output
BHD55U 1 700 - 1200
BHD65U 1 or 2 300 - 700
BHD94GU 1 300 - 750

LED Model Emergency Ouput Power Ideal Usage
BSL310HAZ Lighting load up to 10 W LED strip fixtures in hazardous locations
BSL310HAZSB Lighting load of 10.4 W LED strip fixtures in hazardous locations

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