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Philips Emergency Lighting offers a range of sinusoidal output emergency lighting inverters. The inverters allow designated lighting fixtures (loads) to serve as code-compliant emergency lighting sources during failure of the normal AC power.

Emergency lighting inverters work with a variety of lighting systems (e.g., LED, fluorescent) and lamp types (e.g., LED strip system, Edison-based, fluorescent linear, CFL). In addition, they are suitable for almost any setting, including retail, commercial, hospitality, schools and healthcare.

Emergency lighting inverters are an excellent choice for use with multiple fixtures and in cases where emergency LED drivers cannot be used, such as with integral-base lamps. They also offer the advantage of long-distance remote installation.

Sinusoidal Output
Sinewave outputAll of the Philips Bodine inverters feature an LED friendly sinusoidal (sine) waveform rather than square waveform output. Sinusoidal waveform is characterized by very low harmonic distortion and by clean power similar to that produced by utility supplied electricity.

The Dimming Advantage
The dimming feature of our ELI-S-100 and ELI-S-250 inverters adds auto-sensing dimming control output with an industry standard 0–10 Volts. This automatic dimming capability allows a group of multiple luminaires to be driven in emergency mode at the inverter's combined maximum input power*. The dimming inverter is programmed to sense and calculate the necessary output needed to illuminate the connected fixtures, without the use of pre-set dip switches.

* AC input power is always more than the LED or Fluorescent output power rating. Additionally, LED drivers and Fluorescent ballasts operate at a lower input – to – output power ratio in a dimmed condition than they do when operated at full brightness level.

Model Max Wattage Ideal Usage
ELI-S-20 25 VA LED or fluorescent loads up to 25 VA
ELI-S-100 100 VA LED or fluorescent loads up to 100 VA
ELI-S-250 250 VA LED or fluorescent loads up to 250 VA
ELI-S-400 400 VA LED or fluorescent loads to 400 VA

ELI-S-20The Philips Bodine ELI Series ELI-S-20 Emergency Lighting Inverter is unit equipment that transforms LED and fluorescent fixtures up to 25 VA into code-compliant emergency lighting sources.  ELI-S-20 is ideal for Edison-base (screw-base) LED lamps and features an LED-friendly sinusoidal waveform.

ELI-S-20 supplies a minimum 90 minutes of code-compliant illumination and powers the designated fixture at full brightness throughout its runtime. ELI-S-20 is suitable for indoor, dry and damp applications. It provides auto select (120/277 V), which automatically detects the input voltage and sets the output voltage accordingly to reduce installation errors. The unit carries a five-year warranty and is UL Listed.

ELI-S-20 Details   View Video

ELI-S-100The Philips Bodine ELI-S-100 Emergency Lighting Inverter converts LED and fluorescent fixtures into code-compliant emergency lighting. It provides an emergency power output of 100VA maximum and will support the lighting load for 90 minutes. While ELI-S-100 works with LED and fluorescent lighting, the inverter offers two important features for LED applications: sinusoidal output and dimming options.

The ELI-S-100 allows a higher power LED fixture to operate at a dimmed 100VA maximum in emergency mode. Alternately, it allows a string of multiple LED fixtures to be driven in emergency mode at a combined 100VA maximum.

ELI-S-100 Details  

ELI-S-250 ELI-S-250
This 250VA ELI-S-250 operates LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting loads yet is optimized for LED lighting loads by providing a pure sine wave output. It now features a dimming control output of 0-10V.

ELI-S-250 Details

ELI-S-400This 120 or 277 dual voltage 400VA ELI-S-400 is designed and optimized for LED lighting loads by providing a pure sine wave output, which is more sensetive to LED lighting circuitry.

ELI-S-400 Details

More information on this innovative product is available on the Inverter Benefits.


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