Arctic ARC Keeper

Arctic ARC Keeper models support metal halide lamps under extreme conditions. At ambient temperatures ranging from -40º F to +131º F (-40º C to +55º C), Arctic HID backup ballasts act to prevent lamp arc loss and the subsequent need for restrike. Like other ARC Keeper HID Backup Ballasts, Arctic units supply supplemental power to the lamp for up to two minutes. Two minutes is generally enough time for a disturbance to pass or for an auxiliary generator to engage.

The Arctic 175 is compatible with one 100-175 W pulse-start lamp, while the Arctic 400 works with one 200-400 W pulse-start lamp. Arctics are voltage specific. Four variations are available for each model: 120V, 208V, 240V and 277V. Arctic units are suitable for damp locations.

Arctic Pulse-Start Models
Model Lamp
Arctic 175PLS 100 to 175 W Metal Halide
120 VAC, 360 mA, 17 W
277 VAC, 360 mA, 17 W

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ARC Keeper Brochure

Philips Bodine ARC Keeper® HID Backup Ballasts take metal halide lighting systems to the next level by allowing HIDs to act as emergency lighting.

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