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When normal AC power fails, the emergency ballast senses the power failure and immediately switches to the emergency mode, illuminating one, two or three lamps for a minimum of 90 minutes. During multilamp operation, light output is evenly divided among the lamps for better distribution of emergency illumination. When AC power is restored, the emergency ballast returns to the charging mode until the next power failure. The high-temperature nickel-cadmium battery fully recharges within 24 hours.



Philips Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts are designed to operate most single and bi-pin tubular lamps and most 2-pin and 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps, including U-shaped, HO, VHO, circline, energy-saving, twin-tube, double twin-tube (quad), triple twin-tube, quadruple twin-tube (42W), long compact and 2D lamps. They are also compatible with most one-, two-, three- and four-lamp electronic, standard, energy-saving and dimming AC ballasts, as well as with energy management system devices such as occupancy detectors and photo sensors. Products are available for indoor-dry, damp and hazardous location fixtures and may be modified to accommodate special voltages, line frequencies and runtimes. Alternate configurations are also available for lighting fixture manufacturers.



Philips Bodine emergency ballasts may be used with either a switched or unswitched fixture. If a switched fixture is used, an unswitched hot lead must be connected to the emergency ballast. The emergency ballast must be fed from the same branch circuit as the AC ballast. Philips Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts may be installed in a variety of fixture types. Depending on emergency ballast can size and fixture construction, our emergency ballasts may be installed inside the ballast channel, on top of the fixture or remote from the fixture. For simple visual inspection and manual testing, a charging indicator light and test switch are provided.


UL Testing and Code Compliance

Philips Bodine fluorescent emergency ballasts are tested by Underwriters Laboratories in accordance with the standards set forth in UL 924, “Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment.” Products are UL Listed for factory or field installation or Component Recognized for factory installation only. Emergency illumination time exceeds the National Electrical Code®, Life Safety Code® and UL 90-minute requirements.



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