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To ensure that emergency lighting is functioning properly, the National Electrical Code® and Life Safety Code® require periodic testing, visual inspections and written records of test results for all emergency lighting. Philips Emergency Lighting’s RCT remote control testing emergency ballasts provide a simple testing alternative for emergency lighting.

Simply by pointing the WHRCT handheld remote control transmitter (sold separately) toward the RCT's infrared receiver and pushing a button, end-users can test emergency ballast operation from up to 32 feet away. Both 30-second and 90-minute tests may be conducted.

Product Details:

Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output
B30RCT 1 or 2 1450 - 3500
B50RCT 1 or 2 100 - 1400






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REDiTEST Self-Testing Ballasts

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RCT Product Brochure

RCT Product Brochure

Manual testing is inconvenient and it takes time. Philips Bodine RCT Products make testing as simple as Point-Click-Test.

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