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Because power failures are unpredictable, fire marshals, electrical inspectors, building owners and specifiers want assurance that emergency lighting equipment will function properly when it’s needed.

Philips Bodine self-testing/self-diagnostic fluorescent emergency ballasts automatically test emergency lighting for 30 seconds every 30 days and for 90 minutes once a year according to code. In addition, they continuously monitor charging current and battery voltage. An LED and audible alarm alert maintenance personnel to ballast status.

Because testing is done automatically every 30 days, building maintenance personnel are not required to manually test emergency lighting each month, thereby saving building owners and operators time and money.

Self-Testing Models:

  • Reduce labor costs for testing and maintenance
  • Ensure performance through automatic testing
  • Offer end-of-life alertness
  • Provide visual and audible signaling of ballast status, including fault conditions; audible alarm is selectable
  • Are ideal for facilities with a large number of emergency lighting units or with difficult-to-access emergency lighting units

LED Products:

Model Emergency Ouput Power Ideal Usage
BSL17C-C2ST Lighting load up to 7.0 W Multiple Class 2 downlight fixtures
BSL310LPST Lighting load up to 10 W Multiple low-profile LED strip fixtures

Fluorescent Products:

Model No. of Lamps Lumen Output
B30ST 1 or 2 1800 - 3500
B50ST 1 or 2 1100 - 1400
LP600STU 1 600 - 1325

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