Emergency Door Frame Strobe

Egress Marking Visible Notification Appliance
System Integrated with automatic activation

Product Summary

    UL1971 - Signaling Device for the Hearing Impaired
  • Strobe Operation Time
    Continuous for duration of system activation
  • Operating Temperature
    32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • Humidity Range
    Driver: 10 - 93% Non-Condensing
  • Luminary Type
    36 foot length, trim to fit light strands
  • Flash Rate
    Switch selection for two (2) flash settings
  • Brightness
    Switch selection for one of two 1 HZ patterns
  • Nominal Voltage
    Regulated 12VDC/FWR or
    Regulated 24DC/FWR
  • Operating Voltage Range
    (includes fire alarm panels with built in sync)
    8V to 17.5V (12V nominal) or
    16V to 33V (24V nominal)
  • Current Draw
    62.5 mA
  • Input Terminal Wire Gauge
    12 to 18 AWG
  • Mounting Box (not provided)
    Single gang metallic outlet box or
    UL Listed/Classified 2HR non-metallic boxes
  • EMVNA Component Cover Plate
    UL Listed/Compliant single gang blank cover with “FIRE” label
  • Driver Dimensions
    1.8” W x 3.7 L x 0.9” D

Philips Bodine BDFS36 Emergency Door Frame Strobe
ETL Classified   


Technical Data Sheets

Product Data sheets Spec Sheet BDFS36 Instruction Sheet