Return Material Request

Products purchased through Philips Emergency Lighting may be returned by following the steps listed below. 
Please refer to the Return and Warranty Policy (

Please follow the steps listed:

  1. Complete the Return Material Request form in its entirety.
  2. Click submit below, email the completed form to or fax to 901-853-5009.
  3. For additional information, please contact Philips Customer Service at 1-800-223-5728 x1681.

Section 1:
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Section 2:

We need to contact your Local Rep.
Philips Bodine products may only be returned to the factory by way of your local Philips Bodine Representative.
Your local rep will then take care of the entire process for you.

To find your local rep, simply enter the first 3 digits of your zipcode below.

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Section 3:
You must agree to continue. I have read, fully understand and agree with the terms and conditions stated in the Philips Emergency Lighting "Return and Warranty Policy". Failure to agree will terminate this request.

Purchase Order # Model Date Code Quantity
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Reason for return

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Return Functional unit to Customer? Yes No Please make a selection.
Note: Credit will not be issued if returned material is found to be functional.

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Section 4:
You have the option to receive a Corrective Action Report and be informed of the Failure Analysis once your RMA has been approved. In order to receive this report, you must fill out an Engineering Application Form.
Do you need a Corrective Action Report?

Engineering Application Form

In order to receive a copy of the Corrective Action report or the Failure Analysis, an RMA must be submitted and approved. In addition, this form must be filled out as complete as possible.

Please follow the steps listed:

  1. Complete this Engineering application Form in its entirety.
  2. Click submit below, email the completed form to
  3. If you feel that you do not need this form, you may re-select "No, I do not need one" above.

Preliminary Information
What is the Emergency ballast number?   Who is the Fixture Manufacturer?
How many fixtures are installed on the job?   How many have problems?
Does emergency ballast have a wht/red wire?

What is the Line Voltage?

Is this a switched or unswitched fixture?


Which wiring diagram from installation instruction sheet is used for this application?

What is the AC ballast make and model no.?


How many lamps should illuminate in emergency mode?

What lamp is used for this application? Please provide specific make and model.

  If applicable, are brown connectors open or closed?

Normal Operation Check

Is the LED (charging indicator light) on with AC power applied?

Are all the lamps working with AC power applied?

Are both the emergency ballast and the AC ballast on the same branch circuit?

Emergency Operation

Does the LED go off when the test switch is depressed?

Does the emergency lamp(s) come on when the test switch is depressed?

Is the external battery/inverter connector closed?

With the circuit breaker off, does fixture operate properly in emergency mode?


A return material authorization (RMA) number will be issued within 2 business days of receipt, provided this form has been completed in its entirety.

(You may get an error after hitting Submit. Your order WILL go through, however.)