Obsolete Products

Over the years Philips Emergency Lighting has updated or replaced products due to changes in technology within the lighting industry or based on market demand. Below are listed products that have been discontinued along with the product that replaced them. In some cases, certain products have remained in circulation and, therefore, we have placed the older instruction sheets here for your convenience.

If a replacement model is not available or the needed literature is not listed below, please contact your local lighting Rep or Joe Rouse at Tecnical Support for an alternative that best suits your need.

Obsolete Product Replacement Obsolete Instruction Sheets
Arctic ARC Keepers (All) - None -  
AK175 PLS (All models) - None -  
AK175PRB - None -  
AK250PRB - None -  
AK400PRB - None -  
AK400PRB-SP - None -  
ARCTIC 400PLS - None -  
B100LP - None -  
B113 B413  
B213 - None - B213..inst.(std-damp).70021350
B213-CAN - None -  
B213H - None - B213H.inst.(std).70021351
B226 B426  
B226-CAN None  
B263 B463 B263.inst.(std).70026303
B263-CAN - None -  
B30RCT - None -  
B35ST B30ST  
B413 - None - B413.inst.(std-damp).70041304
B413-CAN - None -  
B426 - None - B426.nst.(std-damp).70042609
B426-CAN - None -  
B463 - None - B463.inst.(std-damp).70046304
B463-CAN - None -  
B50 (Non-Universal) B50 B50.inst.(elc).75000037
B50RCT - None -  
B50ST (Non-Universal) B50ST B50ST.inst.(elc-damp).75000043
B50U B50 B50U.inst.(elc).75000203
B60LPU B60LP  
B60U BDL60U  
B65 BHD65U  
B65-CAN - None -  
B65U BHD65U  
B70A-CAN - None -  
B74CST - None -  
B75 B75C  
B84 B84CG  
B84C B84CG  
B90-CAN - None -  
B90U BDL60U  
B94 B94GU  
B94C B94CGU B94C.inst.(elc).70094001
B94CG B94CGU B94CG-Type1.inst.(elc).70094040
B94G B94GU B94G-Type1.inst.(elc).70094020
B94-CAN - None -  
BDA04-350 - None -  
BDL014 CF94GU  
BDL100 B100  
BDL113 B413  
BDL213 B413  
BDL226 B426  
BDL263 B463  
BDL413 B413  
BDL500 B50  
BDL600 B60  
BDL700 B70A  
BDL900 B90  
BDL940 B94GU  
BSLx32EU - None -  
bEZ1 B100  
BHD213 B213H  
BHD650 BHD65U  
BHD650-CAN - None -  
BSL17C-C2P BSL17C-C2 Type 1 BSL17C-C2P.inst.(std).70100221
BSL36LP BSL6LST BSL36LP.inst.70100242
CB80 - None -  
CB90 CB90-48  
CB90-48 - None -  
Checkmate ET1 - None -  
CF13 - None -  
CF94 CF94GU CF94.inst.(elc).70094006
CF94GU Style 2    
e-ARC Keeper - None -  
ELI-100-SD ELI-S-100  
ELI-250-SD ELI-S-250  
ELI-S-250 (non dimming) ELI-S-250 ELI-S-250.inst.70100243
GEN1 - None -  
GEN3 - None -  
GTD20 GTD20A  
HB-DL7 - None -  
LP400 LP500  
Odyssey - None -  
RCT Module - None -  


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